• Family Therapy

Family Counselling Ottawa

Parenting is one of the most important and rewarding experience we will ever encounter. However, all families face challenges as their members develop and grow, move out or come back. For example, there are times when dealing with a teenager may be frustrating, and often parents don't agree on what to do. Parents may need to attend therapy together in order to negotiate differences and find common solutions.

Counselling children requires special skills. Children are developmentally different from adolescents and adults, and yet young children do experience emotional distress, feeling of inadequacy, frustration, and many other feelings. My role as a therapist is to establish communication on the child’s terms, and enter the child’s world of experience. This can be done through the use of play and storytelling. In most cases I enlist the cooperation and support of the parents in order to help the child through the process of positive change.

In family therapy I help the family address the challenges, identify and clarify conflict, and ultimately discuss possible solutions in an objective and supportive environment.